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Gridview1 rowupdating dropdownlist

But, at the moment, I am hard coding items in it, to see how it will render.I need to actually bind values from another Object Data Source. Will it hit the ODS for each row, or is the data read into the ODS once, and used by each row? Then, how do I get the selected value set to be a value from the row?

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One i'm using is that I defined my custom Grid View. You should use this event to pass your newly selected There are some built-in functions will help you to do all of this.Hi, Does someone know if it is possible to add the dropdownlists in the gridview control for all the columns ? Have the template columns with Dropdown Down List-inside-a-Grid View Something same solutions to your requirement in the following links, please refer : I have a requirement that when the user clicks the Add button, the columns in the gridview change to dropdownlist and the user has the option of adding the values fom there and save it to the table linked to the gridview. Net-Grid View-Control-with-Text View-with-Insert-Functionality Hi, Does someone know if it is possible to add the dropdownlists in the gridview control for all the columns ? Also if you've set up your Grid like what you have in your previous thread then you would probably need to create a separate Grid View that would allow you to turn all columns to Drop Down List.Hi all, I had a Grid View that was bind to a table.But when I go into edit mode, it will only show as a textbox. Selected Value [B]'empty string[/B] Dim test2 As String = CType(row. Selected Value [B]'empty string[/B] And if fill the ddl in the Row Created event.

Grid View Row Event Args) Handles gv Configuration.

Data Item, "name") Is Nothing Then Dim s Name As String = Data Binder.

To String() Dim ddl As Drop Down List ddl = CType(e.

1)About loading elements from database each row,this will not happen you can load data only once and insert it into Data Table and set Datasource of each grid row ddl to that Data Table How?

there is a function called On Row Data Bound ,every row being inserted inside the gridview will go to this function here you can find the drop down list and set its listitem from the datatable.

After saving you can show your other grid for them to edit/update and delete data and hide the grid with the dropdownlist. 4) In their Item Template, please put some Dropdownlists.