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Sagetv guide not updating

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Due to (limited) contributions from industry and impressive reverse engineering efforts, the Linux operating system supports a wide variety of TV capture cards, tuners, and related devices.

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Depending on when the tuner was purchased, it could be know it as the Sasem On Air Creator (the original company), On Air Solution USB HDTV Creator (global seller), or Autumn Wave USB HDTV Creator (US subsidiary).Almost all Linux-based DVR software leverages the V4L tree in some form; however, a few vendor-specific solutions do exist.Supported devices within the V4L tree include dedicated PCI/PCIe cards, pluggable USB tuners, and network-based devices.It comes in three variants (Connect, Extend, and Prime).All units connect to the network using a Ethernet port.This tuner was sold right shortly before the regulatory mandated DTV switch occurred, thus it supports digital broadcast TV (ATSC), digital cable TV (QAM-unencrypted), Analog TV (NTSC), and also features S-Video and RCA inputs.

Its claim to fame is that it was the first external HDTV device featuring USB 2.0 which meant that it could stream full 1080p video (USB 1.x is bandwidth-limited to 720p).

As part of their marketing research, they wanted to have a broader perspective of existing solutions on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Out of respect for the open-source community’s efforts, our client has kindly agreed to let us publish a subset of the report that summarizes HTPC solutions with built-in OTA recording and playback capabilities.

For this work, we used a DVi Co Fusion HDTV7 Dual Express is a PCIe-x1 card we had on hand.

The card includes two XC5000 tuners that are connected to a single F-connector.

Although it is no longer sold, it remains fully supported in V4L.