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Although the focus of most cases of virtual visitation has been divorced, non-custodial parents communicating with their children, this can also be utilized by any parent who is away from a child in the military, traveling on business or vacation, or in a correctional facility.Other helpful websites: You Have Child Custody/Support Problems After Your Uncontested Divorce in North Carolina - Even after you have your child support detailed in a separation agreement or court order, you may find that it is not paid on time or in the full amount.

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It is merely a factor the court can consider when determining how the parent-child relationship will be affected by custodial parent relocation.The various methods that parents can use for virtual visitation are personal video conference, web-cam, and video phone. The intent is to enhance and supplement other communication time (face to face and telephone) between parents and children.Other methods of electronic communication that some consider virtual visitation include e-mail, chatting in a private chat room, instant messaging, and interactive game playing by a parent and child from remote computers, but these methods do not provide the critical “face to face” communication that advocates of virtual visitation champion.Electronic communication may not be used as a replacement or substitution for custody or visitation.The amount of time electronic communication is used shall not be a factor in calculating child support or be used to justify or support relocation by the custodial parent out of the immediate area or the State.Grandparents and other relatives can also use virtual visitation to share time with their loved ones.

Virtual visitation is not and should not be regarded as a replacement or substitute for personal contact between a parent and child, however.

“A mom or a dad who doesn’t have custody can literally tuck children into bed at night, and read a story one-on-one over the Internet.

It changes everything in terms of the possibilities for for relationships.” – Lee Rosen (Retired Founder of Rosen Law Firm) “Virtual visitation,” also called Internet visitation or computer visitation, is a way for parents to have “face time” with their children via electronic means.

A federal law, known as the Interstate Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act, also addresses child custody jurisdictional issues.

John Walker, Attorney advises that a separation agreement may be made a part of a NC no contest divorce or uncontested divorce and made the basis for child support enforcement actions.

■ Find your passion ■ Have some joy with your kids ■ Protect yourself in the future The North Carolina child custody statutes provide some guidance as to how the system actually works, and may provide some useful information.