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Turbo lister not updating store categories

turbo lister not updating store categories-55

Support program: Add warning and info message boxes for Revert.

When revising a listing with quantity 1, ask for quantity on hand. When revising item, include image changes made to stock item. Listing duration not changed when changing auction type. Don't prompt registered user with own hosting to renew. Extend waiting time for retrieving listing durations EVEN MORE. Extend waiting time for retrieving listing durations. Restrict listing durations request to a single category to limit xml size. Add gap between images and text for "Peachy Lace: images at left" template. Support local delivery on Australian and Canadian e Bay sites. Add option to save listing for later submission to e Bay. Preview description correctly after editing stock item. Allow more than the default 25 values for item specifics.

Avoid warning message about e Bay return policy on foreign sites. Check that Buy It Now price is at least 30% above Auction price.

Avoid (harmless) 21919136 error when getting e Bay fees.

First character of error report email was being obscured. Make 3 attempts to upload each image to Ebay Picture Services.

Block deletion of inventory item while other activity is taking place.

When less than 10 listings, always show sold items. Fix listwiz construction problem: cannot send messages to unconstructed pages.

Avoid tagging Error 240 as one that Listomax should have handled better.