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Lee dong gun han ji hye dating

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Rumors about their break-up became official news when Han Ji Hye confirmed it during a phone interview and deleted all the lovely dovey pictures of her and her ex, Lee Dong-gun on her cyworld minihompy.

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Looks like the end of the road for one of Korea's most adored couples, Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong Gun are throwing in the towel. Taken by Ha-mi's sincerity and her willingness to pick up the check, Young-bin jumps at the opportunity.But Ha-mi's cousin, Chae-young (Shin Yi) isn't quite so enraptured with Young-bin and tries to dissuade Ha-mi from pursuing him.But while Chae-young predicts impending doom, the happy couple try to give love a shot, ignoring their supposed blood type incompatibility.Sweet 18 couple Lee Dong-gun and Han Ji Hye broke off their highly publicized relationship of three years last month.Han Ji Hye is currently busy filming her drama I hate you, but its fine and Lee Dong-gun is busy deciding his next movie.

Since these two are now on the singles market, who do you think will hook up first?

The cute and sexy super model Han Ji Hye or sweet and gentle Lee Dong-gun?

Proceeding with proper funeral arrangements, Lee Dong Gun returned to Korea from Sydney Australia, bringing with him the urn containing the cremated ashes of his younger brother Lee Joon Yub (21).

; RR: B-hyeong namja chingu) is a 2005 South Korean romantic comedy film.

The basic premise of the film comes from the blood type personality theory, which claims that a person's blood type can determine their personality traits.

The thing is, Chae-young is a professional dating consultant and a strong subscriber to blood type personality theory.