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You’ve got to pack for walking to school in the snow and below-zero, while also packing for some serious heat.

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However, volunteers with wheat intolerance/allergy may have a difficult time due to the prevalence of wheat/carbs in the diet, and because bread is a common offering of hospitality and refusing can sometimes be considered offensive. You can still serve, but you may face additional challenges.That being said, it can definitely be done, but you may want to consider putting it on hold or being more “flexatarian.” One previous vegetarian volunteer made a very good point during our training: if you are vegetarian because you object to living conditions for animals on farms and industrial farming in the US, you’ll be happy to know that most animals here roam freely and have fantastic lives.All the meat here is halal except the pork from the secret ladies at the bazaar.As my service continues to draw to a close, that means that a new group of volunteers is preparing to arrive.I’ve received a lot of awesome emails from newly invited PCV’s (both to Kyrgyzstan and to other countries), and I wanted to put together an FAQ to help answer some of the questions you asked (and that you didn’t know to ask)!In Osh, winter temperatures hover around freezing, but in Naryn they can go well below zero. Bring loose-fitting and modest summer clothing (cleavage, bare shoulders, and bare legs are inappropriate for all genders), and nice warm long underwear and layers for the winter (and snow boots).

And professional clothing is a must – I brought an inexpensive suit and have needed it on several occasions.

In fact, I drink perhaps once every three months with locals.

On the other hand, in the north, some people are offered alcohol more than once a week.

No, we’re not quite as cool as PC Mongolia (hey, Jenni! But you can go sleep in one on the weekend if you want!

I live in a house, but I set up a yurt-style bed on the floor because I found it to be very comfortable.

Several volunteers have also enjoyed learning to can/pickle produce for the winter to offset this cost.