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On the morning of my visit, his cellphone rings repeatedly with calls from South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia regarding a rescue operation in the works.

They make a tempting promise: you can come home after a few months with more money than you could make in a year here.For an impoverished young woman with no job prospects, it can be an irresistible offer.Other recruiters travel from village to village, keeping an eye out for potential brides.Not so long ago in China, an unwanted baby girl might be drowned in a bucket at birth or left unattended to die.These days abortion is the preferred method, and ultrasound tests let couples find out the baby’s sex early in the pregnancy for about $12, well within the means of most couples.The unmarried men are often desperate—for companionship, for sex, for household help.

In rural areas the bride shortage is exacerbated by young Chinese women’s preference for urban life and modern-minded husbands.

Many couples still favor sons, both to carry on the family name and support them in their old age.

In rural areas the birth of a son heralds the arrival of an extra farmhand as soon as the boy is old enough to hold a hoe.

Stage one, as he calls it, takes place inside North Korea, where the suppliers lure women from their homes with promises of a lucrative trip to China.

These recruiters—either North Korean nationals or Korean-Chinese, and usually male—typically hang out around urban train stations in the border regions and chat up attractive young women who pass by.

After worship, he went up to them, said hello, and learned to his astonishment that they were from North Korea.