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Imagine a pair of scissors precisely engineered for cutting perfection and made in such a decorative way that they’re a work of art – and there you have the idea behind the scissors in today’s giveaway! Jean-Marie Roulot of Nogent, France, is one of the few artisans still making hand-crafted and exquisite embroidery scissors. Today’s give-away, then, is the gorgeous pair of hand-crafted embroidery scissors pictured above, small works of art and cutting perfection! Specifically, they are scissor #40, which you can see here, and they come with their own specially crafted wooden case.

Plus, read letters from our readers, adventurer’s logs, Paranormal 101, and put your knowledge of these locations to the test with challenging trivia questions. Good morning, my friends, and Happy Friday before Christmas!Are you ready for the final installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas, 2017? A huge, huge thanks to all the needlework businesses who joined me this year in putting together A Stitcher’s Christmas!But scissors can go beyond just the beauty of their good construction and engineered perfection for cutting.Scissors, throughout history, have been an excellent “medium” for artistic expression on the part of the one who uses the scissors, but especially on the part of the maker of the scissors. The French Needle stocks an ever-changing variety of these scissors from M. These are the types of scissors that you’d give as a very special gift, to someone very dear to you who loves needlework, or perhaps as a gift for yourself to celebrate some Milestone of Life.But as my love of needlework grew deeper, so did the understanding that useful things can also be beautiful.

Sure, there is beauty in any well-made thing, just by virtue of its being well-made. I have scissors that are so well made, with such precision in engineering and construction, that they really are beautiful, even if they aren’t particularly decorative.

Inevitably, local kids exploring the abandoned parts of the base in the past few years have begun to bring home unusual stories.

Chanute Field, as the facility was originally known, opened as a result of the First World War.

If you find one you will read it in the back page and with few description. Thomas Road Baptist Church in Phoenix failed to screen churchvolunteer John Herman Kuiper for a criminal record when it permitted him to drive a church bus & volunteer at youth events. Paul Lutheran Church youth counselor John Wayne Nase, 40, Phoenix, was accused of multiple counts of child molesting, sexual conduct with a minor & kidnapping. Redeemer Lutheran Church, Redwood City, made a secret settlement to a victim of youth counselor James A. The victim said the pastor and other church officials interrupted Weller when he was molesting the victim, then 13, but failed to report it. The founding president of Mission Aviation Fellowship admitted he was stepping down because of “molestation perpetrated by me in the past upon young girls within & outside this congregation”.

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT AN OFFENSIVE SITUATIONAND THEREFORE CONTAINS OFFENSIVE MATERIAL. ################################### He was held on $300,000 bond on two counts of possessing child pornography and one charge of promoting child pornography. He was charged with 2nd degree sexual assault, a misdemeanor. Kuiper, who had been convicted in 1991 of a felony charge of 3rd degree sexual assault, was arrested in Phoenix for molesting 5 girls. Police say he ordered a boy, 12, into the choir loft & performed sex acts on him after Nase’s Sunday confirmation classes. Weller had been dishonorably discharged from the Navy for sexual molestation and had a record when he was hired by the church. Truxton & his wife’s memberships were revoked They were told not to set foot on church property again.

Today, then, is the final installment of this year’s series. Delicate hand-crafted, heirloom quality scissors in their own wooden case, created by Jean Marie Roulot in Nogent, France, and offered to one happy winner by The French Needle. We’ll also discover the winners of A Stitcher’s Christmas #7 from Monday – a lovely collection of embroidery books from Search Press North America. The randomly drawn winners for A Stitcher’s Christmas #7 are Nancy Cook and Wendy in MN. Once upon a time, to me, a tool was just that – a tool – and if it worked well and did what I wanted, I liked it.