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Lord knows that I was already a fan of the band through my father's Share The Land LP, but (a) I certainly didn't know that Randy Bachman was ever in the band, and (b) this album cemented my reputation amongst the ruling class elite as a Guess Who fan and supporter. "No Time" was a fuzzy rocker with shouts at the end, "Laughing" was a sad, accessible ballad type thing and "Undun"? So yeah, as for embarrassment, it's kept to a minimum here because they don't try to hit any real HIGHS - they just play solid, really strong melodic music of jazzy, rockin' and basic pop ballad types. Not that Standing Stone isn't the finest piece of musical ingenuity he's created since "Yesterday." No no, that would be the theme from Spies Like Us.The overall mood of the record is somber, sad, dark - there are a couple of points of almost semi-light, but even those tunes (or rather, TUNE - "Of A Dropping Pin") sounds tired and achey, more Charley Horse than Charlie Chaplin - YES! Oh sweet "Undun." Featuring the most evil jazz chords (and harmonics! [email protected] was at a going-away party for one of my wife's co-workers last night, and it was at some redneck dive in Douglasville, Georgia that was having Karaoke night.

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I'm still getting over a cold, so my voice wasn't (and isn't) the powerful juice machine it usually is, so Undun was a fairly conservative baritone-range number to do. In a few different variations, the band provided Burton not just with basic instrumentation, but with awesome songwriting skills and ever-interesting playing. "Shoe Shoe Shoe Shoe Shoe Shoe Shoe Shoe (Shoe)" 15. ), but that's not the point that I'm working to hone in on here.he band actually began its career as "Chad Allan And The Expressions," named for the four-eyed geek who led the band. As The Rolling Stones once said, "I know it's only rock and roll, but I like tits." urton Cummings is now in the band, but the music is pretty much the same as it was before. It just sounds like one of those Pebbles compilations with its exciting mixture of melodic British Invasion rock and roll, pop balladry and harder, heavier Burton Cummings-sung rock. Or maybe he just gives off that aura by having the action verb "Cumming" in his name. Also please buy the url fill it with naked pictures of 12-year-old boys. ) and some band called The Staccatos each have a side.But then a silly record producer man heard one of their early singles, correctly recognized it as a complete Beatles rip-off and sent it to radio stations with the phrase "Guess Who? The Expressions tried to keep their old name but nobody wanted to hear it, so "The Guess Who" they became! There's dangerously only three covers this time around, but four of the five members contribute really good original tracks (including bassist Jim Kale, with a not half bad `50s-style rocker), and the Cummings-sung stuff sounds much more modern and ready-to-be-big than the pleasant but kind of wussyish Chad Allan-sung stuff. At least NYC's John Cummings had the common sense to change his name to Ramone! This album has three songs from the first album, one from the second, one from the third and I have no clue where the other four came from, but one of them is "Wild One," later to be covered by Iggy Pop!!!!!!! It will be a national phenom and we will base a video game and moving motion picture upon it, perhaps starring Tom Cruise and Sigourney Weaver as a pair of naked 12-year-old boys. [email protected](Jimmy) Is this the same thing as Sown and Grown in Canada? If so, a lot of these tunes are pretty hokey, often dumb, but always catchy as hell! You can even tell that they guys themselves probably thought this song was pretty lame (the guitars are way too goofball to be serious), yet I listen to it about three times a day. his is actually a split-album created for Coca-Cola Ltd. But don't you be for a second blaming the low grade on Those Rotten Staccatos, loudly exclaiming that your beloved Guess Who's side deserves a 10 while Them Goddamned Staccatos put out a heaping side salad of shit with diarrhea dressing, because it's simply not true. I'm not here to review The Staccatos, so I'll just briefly state that they do that basic harmonic mid- to late-60s pop rock sound like The Hollies or The Easybeats -- some of their songs are fast and some are slow -- some are great and some are not. First of all, I hadnt noticed this on It's Time, but Burton REALLY doesn't sound like Burton yet.This album includes 10 songs and is 23 minutes long. Cummings' voice is lower, see, and sexier like a MAN. The same goes for Jeff "Joey Ramone" Hyman, who was obviously much, much more intelligent than foolish jazz musician Dick Hyman, who must have felt like a real douchebag going through life with that name. Only two of these songs are originals (most notable is a Burton Cummings rarity called "If You Don't Want Me" that sounds like Steppenwolf, for crying out loud), but that's fine because the band does a fantastic job with almost all of these tunes. He sounds like a young guy without an interesting vocal technique.They were there with other brand new unknown artists like Led Zep, Johnny Winters, Sly and The Family Stones, BS$T, Al Kooper, Frank Zappa and the Mothers etc.

The GW by far blew everyone else away, and when they did Friends the crowd went wild and for a lot of us, that song drew us in to buy this album and become a true GW fan.

Maybe it's because I love zombie movies and horror films and the idea of Burt narrating a scene of a man walking up the 13 steps to meet a giant cloaked figure was great theatre of the mind. It's one of those long songs that only GW purists who know about. Most of it was miserable garbage like Cat Stevens, The Fifth Dimension and Don Mc Lean (Say! ), but there were a couple of winners in there - I think More Of The Monkees was in there, featuring the smash multiplatinum hit single "Your Auntie Grizelda, and I know for a fact that The Doors' Waiting For The Sun was in there too. Some of his stuff is pretty funny, and nobody should have to die that young. I love the guitar playing in that song - especially those high harmonics he hits during the changes - gorgeously bitter sad!

I get to play lots of Guess Who during my radio show here in Phoenix, AZ, but I've not been able to play FOM yet. Have I mentioned how much I hate the song "American Pie"? The final piece of goodness in the "Good Album Triad Amidst A Pile Of Audio Smegma" was this album -- Canned Wheat Packed By The Guess Who. I'm gonna go take some speed and listen to some shitty Velvet Underground album!!!! But as I was saying, this album had THREE hit singles, unheard of for a little old Winnepeg band from um Winnepeg. But there is one bad idea on the album - that would be the 6-minute drum solo in the middle of "Key." Mind you, "Key" is a nice little song until the drum solo comes in. I'm not knocking Garry Peterson by any means - I just don't think that the whole idea of a "drum solo" has aged any better than, say, Paul Mc Cartney.

"I'm Not Smelling My Shoe; I'm Snorting Cocaine Out Of It" Yes, comedy's never too far away when you're an asshole! Not that you can tell in most of these songs because he's just playing pseudo-British rhythm guitar stuff that sounds like Herman's Hermits or Gerry And The Pacemakers, but then he wrote this friggin' surf song like The Ventures and wow! The organ and vocals are pretty loud though, so don't expect to be dazzled all to oblivion and back by the adequate meanderings of our Mister Bachman.

Perhaps you know his band Bachman-Turner Overdrive and their classic anthems "Takin' Care Of Business" and "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"? Bachman was the original lead guitarist of The Guess Who and he was one hella killa wickedass playa.

) and a forboding, ascending guitar line, but then the band starts playing bland, weak soul music and Burton goes right into his Jim Morrison impression, making stupid comments about his friends ("Kurt is the walrus! And the walrus does funny things to the veins in his left arm....") before launching into this uproariously stupid anti-God statement about a condemned man being sent to the gallows ("AND WHERE WAS GOD????? It would be the most biting, witty Jim Morrison parody of all time, if only Burton wasn't being serious. [email protected](Greg Buckler) I think you've really missed it when talking about "Friends Of Mine" on this release.