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Naughty chat rooms with no credit card required

You will also find me other Word of Mouth Wenches and Slaves to work for me.FREE STUFF FINDING FUCKER-- You are to find me QUALITY free ways to market, promote, exchange links/banners, network and employ other slaves.

Naughty chat rooms with no credit card required-81

You will recruit other affiliate sissies and you will receive 10% of their orders as well, on top of your own. Uncensored Video and Audio Recordings Only my owned slaves get to download all of my hot twisted videos vs buying them at Keen and Clips4Sale, one at a time..You will also find me free software to assist me in my business automation, such as free photo editing software, free tax software, free accounting software, free brochure and business card making software and other software that may be of interest to me in running my business smoothly and cost-effectively.You will be provided a list of needed free marketing methods/free software, in which you will weed out all the low quality resources and only provide me with the high quality ones.You will also promote THIS SITE with those same networking methods.A script will be provided also, which you are to copy and paste, then simply post.You will also have the satisfaction of knowing you're pleasing your greedy mistress. There is a $100 start up fee for serious-minded, independent entrepreneurs! For IN DEPTH information about these positions, e-mail me, Stupid, to begin your SERVITUDE AS MY SLUT! Videos inside include my Shower Domination Scenes, Using and Abusing Slaves and other Mistresses, Panty Teases, Boots, Pretty Painted Feet Worship, Stockings, Sissy Training and LOTS MORE!

*My BIZ e-mail: Goddess Gypsy [email protected]* If you TRULY want to please your mistress, and you can't do it any other way because you're such a fucking LOSER DICK WAD, then PAY MY BILLS... I HAVE PLENTY OF LOYAL SISSY BOYS AND SLUTS TO SERVE ME! PLUS, There are always more being made even as you're melting over the current ones. You will begin serving me immediately as my SLAVE through your assignments found in your owned slaves only newsletters and forums. This is my queendom you are my slave slut who will serve me and entertain me.

You will then post the media to certain sites I specify, to keep a continuous content feed flowing and drive more traffic to my sites, using a case sensitive password and user name.


I blur most of my face for my security as I do have a personal life and medical career, and I don't want to mix the two, however, I show my eyes to give you an idea of my exotic and delicate features. I cater to men, women, and heterosexual and lesbian couples.

I do not cater to TV/TS, or "multiple partner" parties intended for illegal purposes.

You will wear a chastity belt, tie your self up or be tied up by someone else, be forced into sissification, be raped, be teased and jack off. You will make love to the camera, then submit it to me at: Goddess Gypsy [email protected] TOY PARTY SISSY-- You are popular. You will be receiving and utilizing sex toy/lingerie/novelties brochures, business cards and marketing materials promoting my webcam, video clips, sex toys and lingerie from my websites, Uncensored Fetish Photo Gallery Owned slaves get access to my fetish photo gallery filled with tons of photos with salacious content for any vile fetish you may possess, like Bondage, Smoking, Feet, CBT, Lingerie, Latex, Leather, Hardcore domination, Strap-on Training, Fem on Fem domination, Fem on Butch Domination, Small Dick Humiliation, Stiletto heels, Boots, Pantyhose, Socks, Panty Tease, Golden Showers, and so much more!