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Dating advice magazines

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It’s got great excerpts of forthcoming novels, as well as novellas and flash fiction.

Pank also has a publishing arm — Tiny Hardcore Press — and is on my list of Best Online Literary Journals.Smokelong Quarterly is more important than these numbers would suggest.Smokelong and NANO fiction were the flash-fiction journals I knew best before I compiled this list.They also sponsor the $1000 NANO Prize for fiction under 300 words, pay $20 per accepted piece, and this is their stated aesthetic: “We are looking for work that experiments with form while still balancing narrative.”Not to be confused with Southeast Review, Fiction Southeast has a number of marquee writers like Joyce Carol Oates and Donald Ray Pollock.They are looking for fiction under 1500 words, and also sponsor the Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize.NANO Fiction is another one of those journals you have to know if you travel in flash fiction circles.

They publish so many amazing short shorts it’s hard to keep up.

Also, many of the literary magazines below publish micro fiction as well as flash fiction. Micro fiction tends to run under 300 words, while flash fiction is under 1000 words.

So micro fiction is even flashier than flash fiction.

Many of the staff like speculative and sci-fi, and the journal has that focus, but their tastes extend beyond that genre.

Word Riot releases a monthly issue with flash fiction and flash nonfiction.

I’d known about 3 AM Magazine since 2009, but I never knew they got so much traffic.