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The path to achieve one’s dream comes down to the simple fact that you have to conquer the dreams of others to meet that goal.The honor to write this article has been special to me because several of the staff are good friends of mine and a couple I had the honor and privilege to coach at Livermore High School back in the late 1980s and early 1990s (Clark Conover and Pete Matheson). My best friend’s dad, Garen Mc Donald, just happened to be a state champ for Livermore High School back in 1980.

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For the last 15 years, the Granada program has run two tournaments.The ultimate goals with the program is to produce athletes that can perform highly at the state and national level, wrestlers that compete at the collegiate level, and a sustainable wrestling program for the area.I actually did not get involved with the sport of wrestling until my freshman year of high school.This is a large undertaking considering California is rated among the toughest states to win or earn a medal in the top eight (single division with close to 900 programs).To meet these goals, the plan is to continue to build a strong off-season club (Freestyle, Greco-Roman, and SCWAY Collegiate style) at the kids, middle school, and high school levels.It was his love for the sport that was contagious and supportive for myself as well and others.

I did not come from a wrestling background, so Clark was able to coach me as well as point me in the right direction for additional opportunities.

With enough encouragement, I decided to try out for the team in the 8th grade and was hooked ever since.

My high school coach, Clark Conover, was pivotal in my wrestling development.

This year’s team shows a great deal of promise to continue this upward trajectory.

Returning are NCS Champion Jack Kilner (Jr.), Anthony Martinez (Sr., 4 at NCS), and six other NCS qualifiers.

As we enter into the 2017-2018 wrestling season, the coaching staff at Granada High School in Livermore, California begins the year with a newly established vision, a collection of program goals, and high ambitions to take the Matador program to the next level and beyond.