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Fortis BC (natural gas) also develops systems such as geoexchange and district energy systems for communities and municipalities.

The Lower Bonnington Dam is located on the Kootenay River approximately 18 km southwest of Nelson.Some facilities are owned and others operated and maintained by Fortis BC.Fortis BC owns four regulated hydro-electric generating plants on the Kootenay River with an aggregate capacity of 223 MW: the Corra Linn, Upper Bonnington, Lower Bonnington, and South Slocan Plants.The South Slocan Dam was commissioned in 1928 and has an aggregate generating capacity of 54 MW. The company also serves the northern community of Fort Nelson, B. It operates approximately 48,000 km of pipelines, 11 compressor stations, and a liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal in Delta, B. The distribution network also includes several underwater pipeline crossings, including under the Columbia and Fraser rivers and the Strait of Georgia.The South Slocan Dam is located on the Kootenay River, near South Slocan, 20 km south west of Nelson on British Columbia Highway 3A. The company’s newest natural gas pipeline, the Whistler Pipeline, was built in conjunction with the Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project, which was completed for the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Winter Olympic Games.Fortis BC operates and maintains two generating plants with a total generating capacity of 599 MW.

They are the Waneta Dam, The Corra Linn Dam was initially built in 1932 to control upstream storage by raising Kootenay Lake and generate power through three 19,000 horsepower units operating under the depth of water behind the dam of approximately 16 metres.

The site, which consists of approximately 42.7 hectares, was favoured by the community and public opinions gathered at open house sessions.

The pipeline to the Fortis BC mainline will not significantly affect local property or cross any streams or rivers. Hayes storage facility has capacity to store 1.5 billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas.

Teen Dating Violence (TDV), also known as Adolescent Relationship Abuse (ARA), can be defined as violence and/or abuse among two adolescents, ages 10-24 in a current, past and/or potential romantic relationship, including physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, economic, technological, and stalking, where there is an imbalance of power and a pattern of coercion over time.

More than half of the victims of violence and abuse had their first experience in adolscence, which further increases negative health outcomes across the lifespan.

(formerly Cominco) from 1916 until 1987, when it was acquired by Missouri-based Utili Corp United (later renamed Aquila Networks).