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The biggest implication of the ruling was that the DOL removed the caregiver overtime exemption for all home care workers — mandating that all caregivers must be paid overtime.

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This ruling would immediately and sharply increase home care prices — especially for live-in rates — and eventually cause hundreds of domestic referral home care agencies to shut down.In September, 2016 my family held funeral proceedings in Los Angeles to say goodbye to my grandmother, Flavor Bell Booker, who was only a few weeks away from her 99th birthday.Until that time, she was our first and longest-standing client, dating back to 2013 when Home Hero was nothing more than a paper checklist of screening requirements for the mixed bag of caregivers my dad would find on Craigslist.When we started Home Hero in 2013 our vision was very ambitious — to build the fastest, most affordable way to find quality in-home care, and disrupt the $30 billion home care market.For many years I watched with shock and sadness the struggles my father went through finding reliable caregivers for my grandmother in Seattle.So I decided to dedicate my life to fixing one of the biggest (and hardest) problems facing our generation today. Coming into Home Hero, my cofounder (Mike Townsend) and I had a taste of success and failure in startups.

Mike founded a web-based point-of-sale company called Zing Checkout in 2012 that I joined and left before it was acquired by Big Commerce ahead of their IPO.

In May 2013, Mike and I packed everything we owned into a small sedan and we moved from San Francisco to Santa Monica for an opportunity to work with Mike Jones at Science, one of the top incubators in Los Angeles.

We had the vision to tackle a big problem in the home care industry and Jones was crazy enough to do it with us.

Our marketplace grew quickly due to our lower prices and our ability to match caregivers with clients so quickly.

We protected the marketplace by offering the support of a care management team, the personalization of profiles with photos and video interviews, a robust algorithm to control matching and dispatching, lengthy reviews from past clients, and a rating system to ensure quality.

In June 2015, we raised a $20 million Series A, bringing total funding to $23 million.