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If you are interested in finding a date or flirting, pick a chat room based on your geographic location. Quite honestly, we were writing the brother-in-law as a younger brother they had to take along with them -- like a Jonah Hill character instead of Zach [Jake Gyllenhaal also was considered]. So I actually thought there's no way in hell I'd get this role because he's sort of the alpha, really cool guy. I remember checking in, and they said, "Yeah, budgetary problems; they're going to need a name." PHILLIPS: When we were writing, we did have [other actors] in mind. [Thomas Haden Church was strongly considered.] I've always been a huge fan of Zach [as a comedian and actor], but Zach didn't want to come out and meet with me. I was in Canada, and I flew down for an audition, and I was like, "This is going to be a waste of money because I'm not good at auditions." PHILLIPS: He's really not. In all fairness, they didn't really know him then. Then we thought it'd be so much more awkward if it was an older brother who's still at home.He was like, "Man, it sounds like you're the Tasmanian devil." PHOTO: ' The Hangover Part III' Poster Pitches Zach Galifianakis as Harry Potter A key character in Phillips' revised script was Mike Tyson, the notorious retired boxer who had been convicted of rape during the early 1990s.

Phillips approached Tyson's manager about the role.

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We put a tape together because Robinov had to see everything.

PHILLIPS: I did meet with Lindsay Lohan a little bit [before casting Heather Graham], and we talked. HEATHER GRAHAM: I found the character to be complex.

I'd go from Vegas to Van Nuys Airport at 4 in the morning because we were doing shoots all night, then I'd land in Van Nuys, drive to the set and shoot all day on , a satirical take on an entertainment magazine show] when I was 21.