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Years later, Longshanks grants his noblemen land and privileges in Scotland, including Prima Nocte.Meanwhile, a grown Wallace returns to Scotland and falls in love with his childhood friend Murron Mac Clannough, and the two marry in secret.

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Gibson's production company, Icon Productions, had difficulty raising enough money even if he were to star in the film. was willing to fund the project on the condition that Gibson sign for another Lethal Weapon sequel, which he refused.In London, Wallace is brought before an English magistrate, tried for high treason, and condemned to public torture and beheading.Even whilst being hanged, drawn and quartered, Wallace refuses to submit to the king. Moments before being decapitated, Wallace sees a vision of Murron in the crowd, smiling at him.Longshanks orders his son Prince Edward to stop Wallace by any means necessary.Wallace rebels against the English, and as his legend spreads, hundreds of Scots from the surrounding clans join him.Wouldn't it be easiest to assume the address will be given to spammers, and have it work as a spam blocker by shutting off automatically unless you decide otherwise? There is nothing to install on your computer, and once you're set up, it's likely you won't ever have to come back here. After you have confirmed your protected address, you can give out self-destructing email addresses whenever you want.

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Robert is dominated by his father, who wishes to secure the throne for his son by submitting to the English.

Worried by the threat of the rebellion, Longshanks sends his son's wife Isabella of France to try to negotiate with Wallace as a distraction for the landing of another invasion force in Scotland.

In 1280, King Edward "Longshanks" invades and conquers Scotland following the death of Alexander III of Scotland, who left no heir to the throne.

Young William Wallace witnesses Longshanks' treachery, survives the deaths of his father and brother, and is taken abroad on a pilgrimage throughout Europe by his paternal Uncle Argyle, where he is educated.

Wallace rescues Murron from being raped by English soldiers, but as she fights off their second attempt, Murron is captured and publicly executed.