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Symantec managed clients not updating

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[There is no way that volunteers could make a program with such extensive capabilities in windows, mac, and linux.The number of person-hours of work is too high.] Then have intelligence operatives and assets use it.

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• June 15, 2015 AM Suppose a company is run by your best friend, who would never lie to you.Whatever you choose, if trusting a proprietary operating system not to be malicious doesn't fit your threat model, maybe it's time to switch to Linux.Micah also nicely explains how True Crypt is becoming antiquated, and not keeping up with Microsoft's file system changes.• June 15, 2015 AM I suspect that True Crypt was always an NSA program.Make a secure encryption program, and give it away free to millions of persons.Lately, I am liking an obscure program called Best Crypt, by a Finnish company called Jetico.

Micah quotes me: Considering Schneier has been outspoken for decades about the importance of open source cryptography, I asked if he recommends that other people use Best Crypt, even though it's proprietary.

But right now, given what I know, I trust them." I know it's not a great argument.

But, again, I'm trying to find the least bad option.

Bit Locker is Microsoft's native file encryption program. But it was designed by my colleague and friend Niels Ferguson, whom I trust.

(Here's Niels's statement from 2006 on back doors.) It was a snap decision; much had changed since 2006.

And I agree with his ultimate conclusion: Based on what I know about Bit Locker, I think it's perfectly fine for average Windows users to rely on, which is especially convenient considering it comes with many PCs.