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The app allows secure online ticket booking and includes a built in ticketing feature removing the need for printed email confirmations. The company guarantees everyone will meet at least one person they wish to see again or their next event is free to attend.Signs of success The company has trialled the app for over a month and feedback has been very positive.

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Here are some great ideas that you can pull from to liven things up a bit. You can found out more HERE if you want to host one at your own business or through your own club with your own service.The focus is just on meeting people and not having to pluck up the courage to ask for, or give phone numbers on the night.This creates a more open atmosphere and removes some of the pressure associated with meeting new people in a dating event setting.“The lure of free drinks works as a surprisingly effective icebreaker and in no time a room of strangers is buzzing as if everyone has known each other for ages.We’re very excited about the potential for the app” Adds Original Dating’s founder, Andrew Summersgill The app signals a win and prizes can be claimed immediately.Our events are rejection free everyone is more willing to mingle and speak to people” Adds Summersgill.

Tickets for Mixeo events cost between £10.00 and £25.00 and the app is free to download from either the Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store. There are plans for a wide variety of new event formats that utilise the Mixeo technology including wine tasting evenings, walking tours and parties.

Singletons have a chance to win drinks and other sponsored prizes each time they meet someone new.

Every time a new meeting is stored in the app participants have a random chance to win drinks and other prizes.

The company, which began as a hobby now organises 250 events per year at several venues across London.

The build of the mobile applications on native IOS, Android and Windows phone was financed without external investment and the company expects a return on the investments within six months.

Original Dating, a London based dating event organiser established in 2003, has launched a series of dating events powered by their new mobile app, Mixeo. Mixeo is a mobile app that event participants use to record who they have met and who they liked at the company’s series of popular dating events which take place at bars, pubs and restaurants across London.