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Gagiks fleet was massacred in the battle, the Byzantines took minor casualties.

Here is Armenian Cilicias situation now, but be prepared to see it get a lot worse later. I think that such a drastic increase was caused by the enormity of the victory, since Reuben did outnumber the Turks but had inferior troops. Seznamte se s MATCHem - celm jmnem Bayouland's Double Match.Je to bezmla tlet pes, kter byl jako mlad importovn z USA do Itlie, kam jsme si na konci jna udlali vlet. After a few days of siege, near Antiochia Scout- Prince Reuben sir! It is mainly composed of ghazi cavalry, light cavalry, and Arab Jund infantry. Mailman- Dear Father, The Cilician pirates are being reinforced. We need a victory now father, even a small one will improve the situation immensely. Battle of the Antiochia Bridge Reuben- Our lands are being ravaged by the same animals who took our homeland away from us. Can we just submit tour foes with our task of taking Armenia back unfinished? Anyway, the results: Outside Sis Citizen- Wow, did you really defeat 3000 Turkish troops with just that handful of cavalry? Only one Horse Archer tried to escape, and was chased by Reuben into the horizon, where he was slaughtered. Alright, that is it for part one, part two will have a major battle that will determine who will survive, Armenians or Turks? The Sally of Antiochia Sis Reuben- They were defeated? The Turks have just launched massive campaigns in the East, and the Byzantines are performing unknown operations in the West. Gosdantin: The Turks have harassed us for months, and have depleted my elite army severely. Reuben mobilized his forces and prepared to attack the nearest Turkish city, Antiochia, home to Orthodox Armenians and Greeks. Scout- I have spotted a large Turkish relief army led by Emir Osman Levant approaching. Morale is extremely low after hearing of the Byzantine and Turkish victories recently. I cannot submit to my enemies who destroyed Armenia! The battle itself was minor and over quick, so no big screenshots. Reuben fell upon the Cilicians with incredible power, and they were quickly destroyed. -- Attendant: My lord, you have inherited a fragile kingdom. Gosdantin: There is the enemy men, you know the drill. Nakharar- Prince Reuben sir, we have spotted the Turkish relief forces under Osman Levant. Reuben- In the name of Jesus, in the name of Armenia CHARRRRRRGE! However, as he was fighting, the pathetic general Osman Levant decided against charging straight at the fierce Armenian Nakharars. Izahak- Be quiet mathman, they are locusts, write that in the captains log. Izahak- Form up in an Izahak Dhow Phalanx formation!

Are our Nakharars really a match for his Ghulam Cavalry plus his regular troops? He decided to go around Reuben and slaughter the three divisions of Levied Archers supporting the Armenian Army. Reuben did not notice the slaughter going on behind him.

Pes stedn velikosti a sly kostry s krsnm prostornm pohybem a super povahou.

Velmi ns zaujal jeho rodokmen - jeho otec je krsn pes Gray (Mc Matt's Shades of Bayouland), kter byl nedvno tak importovn z USA do Evropy, a kterho jsme mli rovn monost poznat osobn loni ve Splitu.

The next day Gosdantin sailed to Kypros with an army of Caucasian Mountaineers, Armenian Akritai and Levied Archers. Attendant- But then who will lead our troops against the Turks? Sultan Mahmud, having seen the quick buildup of Armenian troops, decided to flee into Central Anatolia and conquer one of the independent cities there. Battle of the Cilician Pirates Reuben- Alright, lets get this over with. Scout- I only have a general idea, but it is a small, yet elite force of Horse Archers, Ghulam Cavalry, Turcoman Archers, and Saracen Infantry. Scout- No sir, it appears as if this is the last the Turks can send at us before they are completely drained. The after Admiral Izahaks defeat at Adalia, the Byzantines had not sent any forces to attack us, be they naval or ground forces. Imagine a Nazi-2.0 regime gets erected, guess who will collaborate.

We have been assigned to bring the Armenians here safely and away from the island. His army is made up of mounted archers, ghazi cavalry, and Turcoman archers. Shall we capitulate and become their protectorate before we surely are conquered? Reuben- Tell Gosdantin to prepare for a Byzantine invasion. The Turks took and plundered our homeland, and for that they will perish. The next installment will be the first major chapter and will show the first battle between Turks and Armenian Cilicia! Reuben- Yes, Id like to know what Im killing before I kill it. Ill take care of their generals cavalry, all of you choose a unit, and stick to it, dont stop chasing it until the entire unit is wiped out. With Akalp dead, the Armenian forces overpowered the remaining Turkish troops, and Reubens victory was complete. Antiochia Prince Gosdantin- Father, no you cant die! Take the reigns of power, take Armenia back from the Turks. At the start of his reign, Gosdantin arrived at Sis and was crowned King of the Armenians, and thus received the trait, King of Armenian Cilicia (specific to CTW). This is, when Religion can become dangerous Ideology and thus produces murderers and other ilk. Oh no, Trumpists and (Neo-)Rightists deserve to be insulted for chauvinism, fake, hypocrisy, etc., thus it is a no-go zone (for me latest nowadays). The Byzantines have diverted their troops to another front! If you experience bugs or CTDs, please report them in the appropriate topic, so we can improve the mod, or find out what is wrong with your installation (because for our part, we experience very very few CTDs or bugs).

Gagik- Dont do that stupid pirate accent Ashot, youre making yourself sound like an idiot, youre not even doing it right. Anyway, their fleet consists of 33 fully manned, Byzantine dromons. I shall be remembered as the victor over the Byzantine fleet!