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Join a walking, running club or even rollerblading This is really good way to get to know the city and it’s surroundings a little better as well.

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Frui runs brilliant photography classes and has a photography social event.The chest mirror has a number of historical meanings, including protecting the heart or seeing into someone's soul.Stickfighting was frowned upon by the ruling class because of its violent outcome. Today, stickfighting takes place all over Trinidad, more practised as a dance since its re-introduction in 1937 under controlled competitions.Everybody is made to feel very welcome and relaxed and no previous dancing experience is required.Love is not guaranteed, but you will be a better dancer for sure!For a singles event check out Dance Dating, they combine two hot trends, speed dating with partner dancing plus a lot of fun thrown in for good measure.

Participants are taken on a flirtatious journey in which they learn some partner dance moves and get to ‘date’ each other in one-to-one sessions and all culminating in a group dance.

Wath Morris are a "relatively" new side, formed in 1973 and first dancing in 1974.

They have evolved slowly since their inception and dance two distinct styles of morris: Cotswold (specifically Bledington village) dances and Border Morris, from the English / Welsh borders.

Men, women and children would sing or dance to be entertained by the stickfighters who would perform to the rhythm of drums.

Kalenda songs were a form of expression of anger or violence, an ease of tension from slavery, warlike, chantlike and often rebellious.

Although it is said that the French brought carnival to Trinidad, many of the slaves traced some of the festivities back to their country of origin.