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Sexting chat log

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Despite this, sometimes feelings become deeper and these users engage in a sexual conversations on 7 Cups.

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The censor reports are used to remove individuals who are engaged in sexual chats on 7 Cups.It can still be a bit frustrating to extra change a message just because a word was used which, in context, isnt so inappropriate.Hm @Rarely Charlie Unfortunately, the censored phrases can come up in any chat, even if it's completely appropriate.When two people make a bond sharing their stories and supporting one another - sometimes the feelings can evolve to include deeper feelings for one another.This is a normal process and something we should not be ashamed to discuss. We are here to support one another, but sometimes peoples feelings for one another evolve to something deeper.On one occasion it wouldn't let me quote the title of a forum post, which was apparently OK in the public forum but not in a private chat.

None of the abusive chatters I've encountered seems to have been troubled by censorship problems.

At 7 Cups, we ask listeners and members to engage in a professional supportive relationship.

Similar to a relationship you'd have with a colleague at work.

Once a listener is removed from the community for a sexual chat, they can apply to have their acct restored.

Because we know that sexual encounters are part of the human experience, there are circumstances where we allow listeners who have engaged in sexual chats to return to the community after their rejection.

So I wanted to tackle this head on and discuss it with you all!