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The sight of the Isis gunman displaying an assassin's calm contrasted with the congratulatory tone of pro-government media, whose coverage focused on how police "successfully" prevented him from breaking into the church on Friday and detonating an explosive device.The videos, which emerged on Saturday, drew a flood of critical comments about the police's handling of the shooting and ridicule of authorities for heaping lavish praise on officers.

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Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.It also remained unclear whether the gunman acted alone when he opened fire on Mar Mina church and a nearby shop, run by a Coptic Christian, in the Egyptian capital's southern suburb of Helwan.The official Mena news agency quoted a top security official as saying the gunman was one of two attackers."I saw people pelting the gunman with bottles and rocks, but he didn't point his gun at any of them," he said."He started shooting as soon as the police appeared." Mr Hamza's video and similar footage showed the gunman taking no notice of cars, motorbikes and, in some cases, pedestrians walking past him at close proximity.Witness Mohammed Adel Hamza, who shot a 10-minute video of the gunman, said residents followed the gunman as he walked, taking cover behind trees and parked cars to avoid being shot.

"As soon as the gunman was shot and fell on the ground, they all started running toward him," he said.

At one point, he appears to have had a conversation with a man riding a motorbike, but does not attempt to commandeer as his getaway transport. On Saturday, Aamaq released a video that it said showed the militant before the attack.

Masked, with a scarf showing only his eyes, he pledged allegiance to Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, urged militants in Sinai to stand fast, and vowed to avenge group members killed.

The killings were the latest in the long-running war between Isis-led militants and security forces that has been mostly fought in the Sinai Peninsula.

Hundreds of mourners took part in funerals for the Christian victims of the attack late on Friday.

Christians make up about a tenth of Egypt's population.