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The show even tells us, once every episode, what Zack’s real life is actually like in the theme song.The lyrics tell the tale of a day in the life of a high school student, stumbling through an unpleasant world of consequence.

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At what point would something be attracted to someone or able to establish an orbit?During his first five years in Nanjing, Mr Chen's life was hard.Working as a construction worker then a vegetable seller, he couldn't afford to rent a good house and had trouble finding a girlfriend.He stayed on the bridge the whole day and managed to save one person in the afternoon.Mr Chen said that man, surnamed Wang, told him that he lost hope in life because he had been wrongly convicted and had been imprisoned for two years.Dr Srinivasan offered an example of this notion, citing the recent case of three Tampa Bay Buccaneers players who made headlines after reportedly contracting potentially deadly MRSA infections, which until recently were largely restricted to hospitals.

‘In the community, it was causing a very different type of infection.

which followed a group of teenagers as they strolled through high school in a completely unrealistic realm, yet the plot line and theme song claim they deal with the typical struggles of a high school student.

None the less, the show was a good time if you were into it back then (meaning you’re probably an ’80s baby).

So I had much excitement to see that someone concocted up a conspiracy theory that claims the show was all just a dream in Zack Morris’ head.

posted this one up in July 2012: It’s nothing more than the escapist fantasy of a disillusioned young man named Zack Morris.

Communist propaganda elements can be seen throughout the bridge, such as stone statues of a worker, a farmer and a soldier, all of whom are holding the little red book written by Chairman Mao, the Communist country's founding father.