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Activists were further enraged after another video circulated online in which a correspondent reporting from Tahrir told Maha Bahnassi, a female anchor on a private Egyptian television station, that isolated incidents of sexual harassment had occurred during celebrations.

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Many activists feared the regression of women’s rights under former Islamist president Mohammed Morsi and pro-Sissi state.“If she’s brushing it off, then this means women’s bodies are fair game when Egyptian men are happy? ” said Mona Eltahawy, an Egyptian writer and activist who was sexually assaulted in November 2011 during clashes between protesters and security forces just off Tahrir Square.Mob sexual assaults have soared following the country’s 2011 revolution and activists say harassment has reached endemic levels.Nevertheless, in 2011, Sissi - then head of Egypt’s military intelligence - defended the use of so-called “virginity tests” on female protesters, which activists say amounts to rape.In recent months, new allegations that security forces are once again using the tactic have emerged and accusations of sexual harassment at the hands of the country’s security forces have also continued.“My name is Fatima, a Nubian Sudanese girl whose skin is dark.

I decided to write my diary as a black girl who sometimes suffers from the ignorance of society and sometimes praised by [the same society] for her different look and her distinctive dark color,” she wrote in one of her introductory posts.

While I've never seen Neil answer this question directly, he has referenced necrophilia before in the disturbing Sandman story "24 Hours".

And as for guards, if you don't trust the embalmers, why would you trust the guards?

Can someone please tell me why, if a particularly beautiful Egyptian woman or the wife or daughter of somebody rich dies, they leave the body out for several days before embalming it? They say that one of them was caught having sex with the fresh corpse of a woman, and was denounced by one of his colleagues.

CAIRO - Egypt's police arrested half a dozen men for sexually assaulting women during celebrations for the inauguration of Egypt’s newly-elected president Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, as public outrage mounted over an online video appearing to show a sexually-assaulted young woman in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

"The thought is that a fresh corpse is less disgusting that a partially decayed one (although for most people, including me, even a fresh corpse is nowhere near fresh enough).