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By the late 20th century changes in technology and innovations set in as the local newspapers were re-shaped by the growth and arrival of Sydney’s rural-urban fringe.The article will show that is recent times digital disruption has taken a toll, but there are green shoots with new mastheads appearing in some of the new suburbs in the region.

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For others regional newspapers play a part in placemaking and community identity.Nostalgia, the doings of local politicians, and the tension between profit making and journalism have all played a part in this story, while the inverted pyramid arrived mid-century.Corporatisation, consolidation and rationalisation re-shaped the regional press with the arrival of Sydney’s rural-urban fringe in the 1950s.The stories they carry are critical to the memory making.They act as a mirror to the values and attitudes of the local community.Camden is a town southwest of Sydney, situated on land belonging to the Dharawal (Tharawal) people.

Ian’s blog presents stories about the district’s people, its history, heritage and traditions.

Competition from radio, new technology and innovations brought more changes and by the 21 century digital disruption was in full swing.

The owners of the Macarthur regional press were local identities and opinion leaders.

Their editorial positions reflected their political allegiances.

They encouraged patriotic loyalty in wartime and the war at home.

Editor owners practiced a type of censorship and their silence around a number of social issues was deafening.