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Recess first aired on ABC from 1997 through to 2001, and reruns aired on Disney Channel in the United States.

Gretchen is soon caught between both the warring cliques and her own longing to be a "popular girl" for once in her life.When the Gang points out the truth, Vince fears that he too will become a nerd, but he soon discovers that Chad's geeky nature is cool in its own way.When Gretchen gets a perfect score on a standardized test, Principal Prickly plans to send her to Oppenheimer Academy, a school for gifted children.Gus is touched by their kindness, but is soon labeled "New Kid" by King Bob, which means he is officially the lowest of the low in the school social order.The other kids organize a scheme to resist King Bob's ruling, but it's ultimately up to Gus to defend himself.The other kids, moved by his bravery, join in the fight.

Principal Prickly's brother (voiced by Martin Mull) is principal of a rival elementary school.

The siblings square off over a bet based on a game of kickball with the gang playing off against their doubles.

The Gang volunteers for the "Pee Wee Pals" program, which will pair them up with kindergarteners, in exchange for passes to a local amusement park.

When King Bob comes down with a bad case of tonsilitis, he appoints Gus as the temporary King Of The Playground while he recovers from surgery.

Soon, the power goes to Gus's head, and he starts bossing the other students around and demanding cookies.

The Gang discovers "Petey's" new attitude and quickly befriends him, but things take a turn for the worse when Miss Finster decides to take over as principal until the trance can be broken.